Status Closed
2018-02-28 - 2018-04-15


      What is ACX Network ?

      Be part of the solution, 20m tokens rewarded (Value of ∼ $500,000!*)

      Access Network is starting its official Bounty Campaign to accelerate the growth of its community and will thus reward supporters and creators willing to contribute time to the network’s success. The bounty campaign is now open and aims to provide great and authentic content to the community we are currently building together.

      We will open registration for the airdrop next week worth $1.5M but you can already join our Telegram group to stay updated and start the conversation about Access: To encourage as many people as possible to participate early and actively in a community dedicated to greater financial access, the Access Team will be giving away 60m ACX, or over 3% of all tokens in circulation at network launch.

      The Bounty Campaign will offer an additional 20m ACX, representing a value of $500,000*, and will run until the token generation event. This will bring the total giveaway to over 4% of all tokens in circulation, or $2m in value. The bounty rewards will be allocated 30 days after the initial circulation of ACX tokens.

      Stakes will not be allocated during the Bounty Campaign as the evaluation will be ongoing. Tokens will be distributed based on the pro-rata of stakes earned per campaign.

      To get more information, please visit ACX Network website or read the whitepaper.

      *all dollar values indicated in this announcement are based on present token economics and are subject to change during the campaign

      This bounty campaign will be managed by Sylon.

      If you have any technical question regarding this project, please ask it in announcement thread.

      Stakes you will get from the campaign will allow you to get ACX tokens at the end of the campaign.

      This campaign will last until the end of Access TGE.


      • Campaign 2: Content Creation Campaign : 80% allocation
      • Campaign 3: Translation Campaign : 20% allocation

      General Terms

      • All participants are required to join Access’ Telegram group:
      • All participants have to fill our form.
      • You can check the status of your participation in the Bounty Campaign on this spreadsheet.
      • The Community Manager and the Team reserve the right to make changes to the terms at any time.
      • Payment addresses will not be changed after submission.
      • Any kind of offensive or inadequate behaviour when promoting Access Network will result in immediate disqualification from the community rewards program.
      • Community Managers/Team decisions are final.
      • The information you enter on all forms must be correct in order to qualify.

      Campaign 1: Content Creation Campaign


      Access invites the community to be part of the solution by joining the Creative Content Campaign and having a chance to earn ACX tokens:

      • Join the discussion on our Medium posts and provide thoughtful comments on the subject
      • Create a blog or a video about Access and the problems it solves (examples below)
      • Share with us why you think Access will have an impact both in developed and developing countries
      • Design a Voting Interface for the Governance Protocol (based on forthcoming medium post)
      • Propose an ACX denomination candidate (based on forthcoming medium post)

      We welcome any other creative ways to support and contribute to Access as we want to foster inclusivity within our community, but we retain the right to refrain from rewarding poor efforts or irrelevant content.

      Creative Content Campaign Rules:

      • The distribution channels (blogs, forums, groups) used to share your work must be focused on a relevant topic.
      • Blog posts must have at least 250 words and forum posts must have at least 100 words.
      • Blogs/forums/videos in languages other than English may also be accepted but please contact us at beforehand, as we might not have the capability to analyze the content.
      • Videos have to be meaningful and related to Access Network and its community building.
      • All Blogs/forums must contain links to Access’ website and the Telegram group.
      • Blogs/videos with fake views will be disqualified.
      • Only original content is accepted and your own reposts will earn 50% of the stakes attributed for the original, i.e. you post of medium and repost on Steemit. Reposting others’ work will not be considered original content.
      • Spamming will not be tolerated.
      • All content creators have to disclose their involvement in the Creative Content Campaign by attaching the following statement to the end of their content: “Full disclosure, I am submitting this content to the Access community rewards program and may be rewarded for it.Failure to comply will automatically result in disqualification.
      • Links to your content have to be added to the program’s spreadsheet through the form.

      Making an original Blog or vlog about Access and the problems it is solving (12.8m ACX ∼ $320k*/ 25% may be reserved for invite-only content creators):
      Stakes are earned for the quality of original content created by our community. Here is a non-exhaustive list of recommended subjects:

      • Africa and crypto being made for each other
      • Governance debates
      • What are the best apps to build in your opinion and why
      • Best idea for a DAO application in Africa and why
      • Ideas for advisors
      • Make a video explaining ACX Ecosystem in your own words
      • Interview Africans and blockchain developers about their experiences on financial inclusion
      • 30 second video about why ACX excites you
      • Video about why greater financial access for others, or yourself, is important to you


      Rejected: 0 stakes
      Low: 1 stake
      Average: 2 stakes
      High: 3 stakes
      Bonus: 6 stakes to
      • the post with the most likes on Facebook
      • the post with the most likes on Twitter
      • the post with the most claps on Medium
      • the post with the most upvotes on Reddit
      • the post with the most upvotes on Steemit
      • the video with the most views on YouTube

      Medium Discussion (1.2m ACX ∼ $30k):
      Stakes earned for thoughtful discussions on our Medium posts throughout the campaign

      Rejected: 0 stakes
      Low: 1 stake
      Average: 2 stakes
      High: 3 stakes
      Most clapped comment bonus: 6 stakes

      Design the Voting Interface for our governance application (1.6m ACX ∼ $40k):
      Stakes earned for designing models for the voting interface used for all governance matters on the Access Network

      Rejected: 0 stakes
      Low: 1 stake
      Average: 2 stakes
      High: 3 stakes
      ACX’s pick: 6 stakes

      Propose an ACX denomination candidate (400k ACX ∼ $10k):
      Stakes earned for picking an empowering women in human history and explain why they should be the face of ACX via a blog or vlog. The top 5 choices will be selected by the Access Team and voted on later by the Network.

      Rejected: 0 stakes
      Low: 1 stake
      Average: 2 stakes
      High: 3 stakes
      ACX’s pick: 6 stakes

      How to participate :

      How to join:
      1. Fill in this form each time you want to log a piece of content in the bounty:
      2. Follow the rules and instructions stated above for Creative Content, as well as the General Rules for the Bounty Campaign.

      Campaign 2: Translation Campaign


      Access is looking for translators and moderators to help grow an active community. To join this bounty you can:

      - Translate our ANN and this bounty thread
      - Translate our Whitepaper, website or other materials we release later
      - Translate our Medium posts
      - Create and moderate a local Telegram/WeChat/Kakaochat group
      - Moderate our own bounty thread, Telegram group or subreddit
      - Report Phishing scams attempts

      Translation & Moderation Campaign Rules
      • Google translations (or equivalents) or low quality translations (with multiple grammar/spelling mistakes) will be rejected.
      • Unnecessary or repeated posts will be rejected.
      • Only posts written by the assigned translator will count.
      • Participants are required to participate in the conversation on our Telegram group.
      • Participants have to contact our team at or to be accepted before posting any translations, creating groups, or becoming approved moderators.
      • Languages desired are: Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Filipino, Hindu, Twi (Ghana), Wolof (Senegal).

      Rates :

      Translation (1.6m ACX ∼ $40k*):
      Stakes earned based on the quality of the translation for different content and channels

      • ANN thread or Bounty thread translation: 50 stakes + 5 stakes per valid post
      • Whitepaper translation: 200 stakes
      • Website translation: 50 stakes
      • Medium translation: 30 stakes

      Moderation (2.4m ACX ∼ $60k*):
      Stakes earned based on the quality of the translation for different content and channels

      • Creation and Moderation of your local groups: 50 stakes + 2 stake/member at the end of the campaign
      • Alerting Access’ team of phishing scams focused on ACX: 30 stakes/scam
      • Moderate our own bounty thread, Telegram group or subreddit: Contact us for negotiation

      How to participate :

      1. Send an email to and include the following details:
      - Native language
      - Indicate in the SUBJECT LINE the Part of the bounty you want to apply for, using one of the following: MODERATOR ; MODERATOR - PHISHING SCAM ; TRANSLATION
      - Translation/moderation experience (if any)
      - Bitcointalk username
      - ERC-20 wallet address

      2. FOR TRANSLATORS: After being accepted and completing the translation, post in this thread with a link to the translated post or document.[/list][/list]