Status Closed
2018-04-26 - 2018-07-01
BiNeuro Official Bounty Program
We are glad to announce our bounty campaign that will continue until the end of the ICO.

Website|Whitepaper|ANN THREAD

Hard cap = 47 000 ETH
850 000 000 tokens will be issued
1 BNR = 0.0001 ETH

We have allocated 3% of distributed tokens in to the bounty campaign.


Bounty Allocation:

•   Signature 25%
•   Translation 15%
•   Facebook 10%
•   Twitter 10%
•   Youtube & Blog/Media/Article 15%
•   Telegram 10%
•   Medium 5%
•   Reserve 10%

•   Each participant can use only one account to join the campaign
•   Each participant must write a “proof of joined post” in our bounty thread with the following details:

Proof of joined post
Bitcointalk username:
Campaign in which you participate:
ETH address:
•   Join all our resources:

•   Stakes will be calculated every week.
•   First week of the bounty campaign will start on 28.04.2018
•   We reserve our right to terminate your participation in the Bounty Program if we think you haven't been honest in representing the work done.
•   We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.
•      ETH wallet can’t be changed during the bounty campaign.

There are 100 free places to register
Weekly rewards:
Jr. member – 1 stake per week
Member – 2 stakes per week
Full Member – 4 stakes per week(+0,5 stake for avatar)
Senior Member – 6 stakes per week(+0,5 stake for avatar)
Hero – 8 stakes per week(+0,5 stake for avatar)
Legendary – 10 stakes per week(+0,5 stake for avatar)

SIGNATURE conditions:
•   Fill and submit this form:
•   Join our official Telegram group
•   Join our official Telegram channel:
•   Jr. Member signature campaign is limited 20 participants;
•   You need to make at least 10 constructive posts each week (2 of them should be written in our ANN THREAD);
•   Posts must have a minimum length of 60 characters;
•   Posts in any bounty threads will not be counted;
•   Off-topic, spam and  burst posts will not be counted;
•   Maximum 3 posts a day will be counted;
•   You will have to keep wearing our signature, personal text and avatar until the stakes have been calculated after the end of the ICO (allow around a week for these calculations);
•   Accounts with negative trust are not accepted;


Link for check your status in signature campaign:

ANN thread – 1 stake
One Pager – 1 stake
Moderation/Management + each message left by another user: 1 Stake per valid post/message.

The following languages are welcome to be translated: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Filipino, French, Russian, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese , Turkish, Vietnamese, Romanian.

I have verified translators in the team. They participate automatically in this campaign.
You can reserve any other language.

Translation conditions:
•   Write the following information in this thread:
Bitcointalk account URL :
TELEGRAM username:
Eth address:
previous works:
•   Users with no previous experience of translation will not be accepted;
•   Users whose rank lower then Member will not be accepted;
•   Translations must be original and made by the user only. Using Google Translate and other tools is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification;
•   You must complete the translation of ANN and One Pager within 7 days after you started.
•   You will be officially appointed for a translation only AFTER you receive a PM confirmation from me (Vitalii_invest).
•   Translators of ANN threads must manage their threads:
- Translators should answer questions from users.
- Posts must have a minimum length of 60 characters
- Translators should publish changes in their topics, if any.

Link for check your status in translation campaign:

There are 1000 free places to register
1000-2000 friends - 1 stakes/week
2001-3000 friends - 2 stakes/week
3001-4000 friends - 3 stakes/week
3001-5000 friends - 4 stakes/week

Above 10000 friends - 10 stakes/week

Facebook conditions:
•   Fill and submit this form:
•   Like and follow our Facebook page:
•   Join our official Telegram group
•   Join our official Telegram channel:
•   Put 5 stars and write a positive comment about the page.
•   Invite 10 friends to the Facebook page.
•   Anyone can participate the Facebook campaign regardless of the bitcointalk rank.
•   You must like and repost at least 5 posts from our FB account.
•   Only 1 repost per day will be counted;
•   Participants must post their report ONCE PER WEEK in this thread. Deadline for each week is Saturday 23:59 forum time. Stakes rewards are updated every Sunday-Tuesday. Always make a new Report posts to submit your report. Do not edit old reports and add your new report.

Week Number:  
Spreadsheet number :
1. Repost1
2. Repost2
3. Repost3
4. Repost4
5. Repost5

Link for check your status in facebook campaign: