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2018-02-27 - 2018-04-20

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Medium: Hello World post from ETH.TOWN.

Ethereum Citizen!
We are about to launch the alpha version of a totally new and amazing Ethereum based game.

The game is about buying and selling stuff, collecting cards and peeps, negotiating, and eventually getting to the investors’ heaven where you can just watch people play and get good profits, all while having a good laugh along the way.

We can’t disclose all the details just yet, but trust us, it’s a load of fun, features, and possibilities! It's much more of a game than any other existing Ethereum game out there!

Today we have a few things to announce:

1) We open up a subscription to be the first to get notified about the alpha launch! Apply here.

2) We invite players to join Alpha. You can submit your application on our website. Selected members will get access to the game soon. Signup here.

3) We extend our Airdrop program for first 3000 of people to join in. More info.

4) We continue the Airdrop bounty program. Super lightweight and easy to participate! Check out this post!

5) We start the Facebook and Twitter bounty campaign! (See below)

6) We are looking for translators, writers, and community management assistants! (See below)

ETH.TOWN Twitter Bounty Campaign

- You must have at least 300 real (bots don’t count) followers, and your profile page should be public
- You need to have at least 85% real followers (we'll check using
- You need to retweet at least 4 tweets per week
- You need to make at least 3 custom tweets (but no more than 1 tweet per day) about ETH.TOWN on your profile each week and must use these hashtags: #eth_town #ethereum #game #crypto
- Please do not RT and like tweets that are answers to other users.

200-999 real followers : 7 tokens per week
1000-2999 real followers : 9 tokens per week
3000-4999 real followers : 11 tokens per week
5000+  Followers : 14 tokens per week

How to participate:
1) Follow the official ETH.TOWN account on Twitter:
2) Fill in the Twitter bounty campaign form HERE
3) Post a "Welcome post" in this thread using this template:
Hi, i'm joining #TWITTER campaign:
Twitter Account: *Twitter nickname*  
Followers number: *Number of your followers*
4) Post Weekly report in this thread using this template:

TWITTER Name: ___
Week Number: Week #1

1. <your unique tweet1>
2. <your unique tweet1>
3. <your unique tweet1>

1. <your retweet1>
2. <your retweet2>
3. <your retweet3>
4. <your retweet3>

Results will be published here.

ETH.TOWN Facebook Bounty Campaign

- You must have at least 200 friends+followers and your profile page should be public
- You need to share at least 4 posts from our group per week
- You need to make at least 3 custom posts (but no more than 1 post per day) about ETH.TOWN in your timeline each week and must use these hashtags: #eth_town #ethereum #game #crypto

200-999 Friends + Followers     : 7 tokens per week
1000-2999 Friends + Followers : 9 tokens per week
3000 and above  Friends + Followers : 12 tokens per week

How to participate
1) Follow and like the official ETH.TOWN page on Facebook:
2) Fill in the Facebook bounty campaign form HERE
3) Post a "Welcome post" in this thread using this template:
Hi, i'm joining #FACEBOOK campaign:
Facebook url: *URL of your Facebook account*
Friends: *Number of your friends+followers*
4) Post Weekly report in this thread using this template:
Facebook Profile: *URL of your Facebook account*
Week Number: Week 1

1. <your unique post1>
2. <your unique post2>
3. <your unique post3>

1. <your repost1>
2. <your repost2>
3. <your repost3>
4. <your repost3>

Results will be published here.

ETH.TOWN Writers Bounty

We are looking for people who can write high quality articles in English.
- English as native language;
- experience in writing;
- understanding how Ethereum works;
- sense of humor.

In order to apply:
- before submitting the form, please make sure you qualify;
- please register in the FORM, providing links to the articles written by you.

- 50+ tokens per article

ETH.TOWN Translation Bounty Campaign

We are looking only for the website translation for now.

Please apply only if:
- you are a native speaker of the target language, and are ready to provide a high quality translation;
- you can do the job fast;
- you’ll be able to support your translation (we’ll modify texts from time to time);
- you are not going to translate it with google translate or similar tools: we are looking for professional-level attentive translation only.

Please apply HERE.

Reward: 70 tokens for translation and more tokens for polishing and supporting the localizations.

Please note: if you submit sub-par job (e.g. we get complaints or corrections by players from your country), you’ll be permanently disqualified.

ETH.TOWN Promotion Partners/Affiliates

If you have sources of traffic, which can work well for the game (crypto-traffic, social traffic, SEO, etc.), please send us an email to with exact proposal on what you can do for the game and the price for such services.
Please use subject prefix [PROMO].

ETH.TOWN Community Managers/Assistants

We are looking for people who will help us manage Twitter, Facebook, Reddit communities.
- native English speaker;
- experience in managing user groups is required;
- ability to work consistently (not be unavailable for prolonged periods);
- be in the loop (crypto and general).

Please send some information about your experience to Subject: [COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT][COMMUNITY NAME]
Include links to your profiles in the communities you apply for.
Please write only if you are sure you qualify.

General Rules

Token rewards rules.
1 token has ~$1 value.
Tokens will be awarded on the final public launch of the game (in approximately 3 weeks from now). The tokens will be available through an automated token dispensing system.

We reserve the right to permanently disqualify any participant based on our sole discretion. Common reasons for disqualification are: bad work quality; providing false information about qualification; causing harm to the project by inappropriate actions/postings.

Only one Facebook and one Twitter accounts per user are allowed.

For the purposes of counting weeks in the campaign, weeks start on Monday at 00:01 AM GMT.

If you don’t submit reports for by the end of the week, you won’t get the stake for that week.

Reports must be posted in this official bounty thread on Bitcointalk before Sunday 23:59 PM GMT.

Questions About Bounty Campaign

All the questions related to the campaign should be asked in this thread, or addressed to me via PM, or in this Telegram group!

See you in ETH.TOWN!

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