Status Closed
2018-02-23 - 2018-04-01

First decentralized platform for real-world data feeds,
called Eventum, disrupting multi-billion dollar market of real-time data and API. Anyone in the world can get paid for reporting what they see and experience while developers get any data they want in the cheapest, verified and most secure way possible.


Bounty campaign = 2% (10M EVT) worth $640,000 (when the hard cap is reached)

We think that community is one of the core pieces that holds the project together, and this is especially true with projects like Eventum. To build the much-needed community around Eventum, we are allocating 10,000,000 EVT tokens to our bounty program.

7,00,000 EVT
is reserved for Alpha rewards which are distributed in live demo events on 23rd, 25th, 28th Feb ...

3,00,000 EVT
is reserved for classic bounties (Telegram, Twitter, Bitcointalk ...)

Divided into the following categories:

Referral to Eventum Alpha — 600,000 EVT (20%)
Reddit — 510,000 EVT (17%)
Twitter — 510,000 EVT (17%)
Facebook — 300,000 EVT (10%)
Creative content — 600,000 (20%)
Translation (bitcointalk.org) — 240,000 (8%)
Signature (bitcointalk.org) — 240,000 (8%)[/size]

Translation bounty is the only exception where reservation needs to be made and each bounty will be accepted on a case by case!

Find signatures for the Bitcointalk signature bounty at the end of this post!


Instead of joining our custom bounty program you can, of course, do the classical bounty the old fashioned way, so we'll list the rules, points allocation and everything here, and you can submit bounties in this thread!

By participating in one of these bounties and submitting an honest proof of the invite/share/content, you will be awarded a portion of that bounty’s allocated tokens.

Invite a friend to Eventum Alpha

Invite a friend to Eventum Alpha with your referral link, which you can find HERE

Referrals need to be made to real people with high level domain names (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail …). Referrals to one-time email services (e.g. Mailinator, Guerrilla Mail, MailDrop …) will not be taken into account. Referrals to emails which contain same name that is presented on submiter’s email will not be accepted. For referral to count, person is who referred needs to signup to Eventum Alpha, complete his account (first name, second name, ETH address) and participate in at least 1 event.

Each referral (up to first 5 referrals): 300 points
Each referral (from 5 to 10 referrals): 600 points

Receive points for joining and for each friend that you’ve invited!

1. Join our Telegram group: LINK
2. Invite friends to our Telegram group!

Join Telegram group: 300 points
Each referral: 200 points


1. Follow Eventum on Twitter: LINK
2. Retweet important tweets from Eventum regularly and earn points for each of those tweets!

500+ followers : 10 points
1000+ followers: 15 points
1500+ followers : 25 points
5000+ followers: : 50 points
15,000+ followers: 100 points
30,000+ followers: 200 points
50,000+ followers: 300 points
100,000+ followers: 600 points
GOLD retweets: +100% points (retweets of special announcements, e.g. start of the token sale)


1. Subscribe to our subreddit: LINK
2. Post or comment relevant information about Eventum on: r/bitcoin, r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, r/icocrypto, r/Eventum, r/btc, r/CryptoCurrency/ or r/Best_of_Crypto and earn points.

Your account should be at least 30 days old and have 10 posts or comment karma. Deleted posts, posts with negative karma and spam will not be taken into account. If possible, the post needs to include a link back to Eventum website.

10 upvotes: 6 points
20 upvotes: 10 points
50 upvotes: 20 points
100 upvotes: 50 points
300 upvotes: 100 points
10 upvotes: 3 points
20 upvotes: 5 points
50 upvotes: 10 points
100 upvotes: 25 points
300 upvotes: 50 points


1. Like Eventum page: LINK
2. Repost updates and important posts from Eventum regularly.

Profile must be public and all posts must be public as well. If possible, the post needs to include a link back to the Eventum website. Live video presentation must be of high quality. Content can be any of the following: talking about the project and educating people, doing interviews or analyzing the project. Only original and personal accounts will be taken into account: no fake accounts or accounts with fake friends (will be checked manually).

200+ friends: 5 points
500+ friends: 10 points
1000+ friends: 25 points
5,000+ friends: 50 points
5min+: 100 points
10min+ : 200 points

Creative content

Write an article, shoot an explanation video, create a high quality GIF etc.

All creative content must be original and of good quality. All videos must be longer then 3 minutes except for animated videos which must be longer than 30 seconds. High quality GIFs are allowed. Content must be posted on publishing platforms such as Medium, Steemit, Newbium, … or on high quality personal websites/blogs. All articles should exceed 800 characters and articles/blog posts shorter than that will not be taken into account. All content needs to include link back to the Eventum website.

High quality: 400 points
Good quality: 200 points

Translation bounty

Translate ANN thread, post it to a local thread and keep the conversation there ALIVE!

1. FIRST make the reservation in this thread (with links to your past translations if possible), we will look at each submission and only then you can start translating it!
2. Announcement thread NEEDS to stay active and alive with regular posts of news and announcements AND with regular moderation. Translation needs to be done by a native speaker and must be of original content. Any kind of automatic translation (e.g., Google Translate) or low-quality translation will not be taken into account. Unnecessary posts or spam from OP will not count towards the 10 points/post reward.

ANN thread: 500 points
Moderation/Management: 10 points per valid post

Signature bounty

Add the signature to your profile and keep it until the end of the ICO!

Only user with the rank of Jr. Member and above can join. The signature should be kept until the end of the ICO, removing the signature before that time will result in a disqualification. During this period you must make a minimum of 10 posts per week in order to be considered eligible. All posts need to be on topic, constructive and intelligent. Off-topic, low-quality posts will not be counted towards 10 posts/week requirement. All posts need to be longer than 80 characters. You need to keep signature on for at least 48h after the ICO ends, so the final count can be calculated.

Jr. Member: 10 points/Week
Member: 20 points/Week
Full Member: 40 points/Week
Sr Member: 60 points/Week
Hero and Legendary: 100 points/Week


Jr. Member

EVENTUM.NETWORK | Real-Time Data & API | Free tokens for trying our ALPHA

[center]EVENTUM.NETWORK | Real-Time Data & API | Free tokens for trying our ALPHA[/center]



[url=https://eventum.network/]───────────────── EVENTUM.NETWORK ─────────────────[/url]
[url=https://eventum.network/]Real-Time Data & API[/url] ■ [url=https://alpha.eventum.network/]Free tokens for trying our ALPHA[/url]
[url=https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2992193.0]ANN thread[/url] | [url=https://t.me/eventum_network]Telegram[/url]

Full Member


[url=https://eventum.network/][color=#1e90ff]───────────────── EVENTUM.NETWORK ─────────────────[/color][/url]
[url=https://eventum.network/]Real-Time Data & API[/url] ■ [url=https://alpha.eventum.network/]Free tokens for trying our ALPHA[/url]
[url=https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2992193.0]ANN thread[/url] | [url=https://t.me/eventum_network]Telegram[/url]

Sr. Member


[size=15pt][url=https://eventum.network/][color=#1e90ff]───────────────── EVENTUM.NETWORK ─────────────────[/color][/url][/size]
[url=https://eventum.network/]Real-Time Data & API[/url] ■ [url=https://alpha.eventum.network/]Free tokens for trying our ALPHA[/url]
[url=https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2992193.0]ANN thread[/url] | [url=https://t.me/eventum_network]Telegram[/url]

Hero Member/Legendary


[size=15pt][url=https://eventum.network/][glow=#1e90ff,2,300][color=#ffffff]               EVENTUM.NETWORK               [/color][/glow][/url][/size]
[url=https://eventum.network/][color=#1e90ff]Real-Time Data & API[/color][/url] ■ [url=https://alpha.eventum.network/][color=#1e90ff]Free tokens for trying our ALPHA[/color][/url]
[url=https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2992193.0][color=#1e90ff]ANN thread[/color][/url] | [url=https://t.me/eventum_network][color=#1e90ff]Telegram[/color][/url]

GENERAL RULES (not following them will result in an immediate ban):
1. Only original and personal accounts will be allowed: no fake profiles or profiles with fake friends/followers. All submissions will be checked manually. Profiles and posts must be public.
2. Any and all attempts to scam the system will result in a ban!