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2018-04-29 - 2018-05-31
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What is HireGo ?

HireGo is UK based company building a decentralised car hire and car sharing app in partnership with San Francisco based Origin

HireGo peer to peer car hire and car share aims to disrupt the $90billion car hire industry by providing a safe, user-orientated decentralised platform.

HireGo has an experienced and skilled UK based team and is supported by expert blockchain and smart contract advisors.

★★★We are pleased to announce our bounty campaign to promote HireGo’s
upcoming ICO. All participants are required to join our Telegram community group★★★


500.000 tokens ( 0.5% of total supply) will be given for participants in this bounty program.

Bounty Allocation :

●   Signature campaign --- 25%

●   Youtube/blog campaign --- 25%

●   Twitter campaign --- 20%

●   Moderator campaign --- 15%

●   Telegram campaign --- 15%

General rules :

●   Signature and Twitter stakes will be distributed every week, other stakes will be calculated in the end of the campaign.

●   Bounty campaign will start on 29th of April until the end of the ICO.

●   For any questions regarding the bounty campaign write a post to this thread and you will be replied asap.

●   For any participants who are cheating, use multi-accounts,etc will be permanently banned for all others campaign

●   We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules, if necessary.

●   All tokens will be distributed within 4 weeks after the ICO.

Week 1 (29/4 - 5/5)
Week 2 (6/5 - 12/5)
Week 3 (13/5 - 19/5)
Week 4 (20/5 - 26/5)
Week 5 (27/5 - 2/6)
Week 6 (3/6 - 9/6)
Week 7 ( 10/6 - 16/6)
Week 8 (17/6 - 23/6)
Week 9 (24/6 - 30/6)
Week 10 (1/7 - 7/7)
Week 11 (8/7 - 14/7)

Signature campaign

Weekly Rewards:

●   Jr. Member: 0.5 stake per week (+0.25 stake for avatar)

●   Member: 1 stake per week (+0.25 stake for avatar)

●   Full Member: 1.5 stake per week (+0.25 stake for avatar)

●   Senior Member: 2 stakes per week (+0,25 stake for avatar)

●   Hero/Legendary Member: 2.5 stakes per week (+0,25 stake for avatar)


●   Multiple accounts will be banned if spotted. Spam is not allowed.

●   We expect you to post 15 constructive posts per week. 10 of these posts can be in local boards.
●   Eligible posts must be at least 80 characters long.

●   Posts should not be made in bounties, off topic, archival, meta and politic sections.

●   You will have to keep wearing our signature, avatar and personal text until the end of the campaign.

●   Multiple signatures are not allowed.

●   Do not fill the form without wearing our signature, or you will be rejected.

●   Participants with red trust are not allowed.

Get your Avatar

Junior Member


[center][url=https://hirego.io]∿∿ HireGo ∿∿ P2P Car Sharing and Rental Platform on Ethereum Blockchain[/center]


HireGo: P2P Car Sharing and Rental Platform on Ethereum
▬▬ ▨ In Partnership with Origin Protocol ▨ ▬▬
➤ Whitepaper ➤ Twitter ➤ Telegram

[center][size=14px]✨ [url=https://hirego.io][b]HireGo: P2P Car Sharing and Rental Platform on Ethereum[/b][/url] ✨[/size]
[font=tahoma][size=12px][b]▬▬[/b][/size][/font] ▨ In Partnership with Origin Protocol ▨ [font=tahoma][size=12px][b]▬▬[/b][/size][/font]
[size=11px][url=https://hirego.io/lib/HireGo_Whitepaper.pdf][b]➤ Whitepaper [/b][/url] [url=https://twitter.com/Hire_Go][b]➤ Twitter [/b][/url] [url=https://t.me/hirego][b]➤ Telegram [/b][/url][/size][/center]

Full Member


[center][size=16px]✨[color=transparent].[/color][url=https://hirego.io][b][color=#43e230]HireGo[/color][color=black]: P2P Car Sharing and Rental Platform on Ethereum[/color][/b][/url][color=transparent].[/color]✨[/size]
[url=https://hirego.io][font=tahoma][size=12px][b][color=#43e230]▬▬[/color][/b][/size][/font][color=transparent].[/color][color=black]▨[/color][color=transparent].[/color][color=black]In Partnership with Origin Protocol[/color][color=transparent].[/color][color=black]▨[/color][color=transparent].[/color][font=tahoma][size=12px][b][color=#43e230]▬▬[/color][/b][/size][/font][color=transparent].[/color][/url]

Senior/Hero/Legendary Member








[td][center][url=https://hirego.io][size=14px][color=transparent].[/color][color=#43e230][b]P2P Car Sharing and Rental Platform on Ethereum[/b][/color][color=transparent].[/color][/size]
[color=black][font=tahoma][size=12px][b]▬▬[/b][/size][/font][color=transparent].[/color][b]In Partnership with Origin Protocol[/b][color=transparent].[/color][font=tahoma][size=12px][b]▬▬[/b][/size][/font][/color][/url][/center]










Youtube/Blog campaign

Based on your Youtube/Blog quality:

●   High quality: 10 stakes

●   Good quality: 5 stakes

●   Normal quality: 2 stakes

●   Poor quality : 0 stakes


●   For Youtube channel, you have to apply to us before start working.
●   Youtube videos must be at least 1 minutes long. You must have at least 200 organic subcribers.

●   For Blogging, Your Medium/Steemit or other free blog page should have at least 250 followers and contain at least 500 words, should be original.

●   You should have links to our website and whitepaper.

●   We’ll review your Youtube/Blog at the end of the campaign.



Twitter campaign


●   0-1499 followers: 0.5 stakes

●   1500-2999 followers: 1 stakes

●   3000-4999 followers: 1.5 stakes

●   5000 and above followers: 2 stakes


●   You must follow our Twitter account.

●   Your audit score must be more than 90%.

●   Your followers will be counted based on TwitterAudit.

●   Retweet must have these hashtags #crypto #ICO #tokensale #HireGo.

●   Twitter followers will not be updated after having registered in our campaign.

●   Minimum 1 retweet per week , maximum 5 retweets per week, 1 retweet per day, 2 and above retweet in a day will be counted as 1

Weekly report format:

Twitter campaign

Twitter Username:

Spreadsheet No:


Twitter Links:

1.<date> <link>

2.<date> <link>

3.<date> <link>





Telegram campaign

Rules and rewards:

●   Join our Telegram channel.

●   Add “hirego.io” to your nickname and get 5 stakes.

●   Set our Avatar to get 5 stakes.

●   You must be active and supportive in the group.

●   To ensure people want to help us grow strong, we will rewarded 1 stake for every useful comment or question in our Telegram, maximum 3 comments/questions a week (except comments/questions related bounty), 1 per day, participants that spam our group with "Hi", "Hello", "Good Morning", empty or meaningless comments will be disqualified from this campaign.

●   Participants will be checked once every week. If a registered account is absent(no active and discuss), that account will be banned for bounty.



Moderator campaign

Must be active and clear up community ‘s queries.

Higher ranking members are preferred .



We also accept Translation for Website and Whitepaper, here are languages that we needed:

●   German

●   Belgian

●   Korean

●   Japanese

Please apply based on this form:

Translation campaign

Your language:

Bitcointalk profile:

Previous product:

Content to translate: (Website, Whitepaper or both)

ETH wallet