Status Closed
2018-02-26 - 2018-03-19


TWIST will be running a Twitter bounty campaign for 3 weeks starting on Monday 26th February at 6pm GMT. (End date: 19th March at 6pm GMT)
If you follow the rules you will receive a number of shares at the end of each week. We will be paying out a total of 500k TWIST (5% of bounty supply) at the end of the campaign which will be distributed based on how many shares you own.

To take part in the Twitter bounty campaign:
  • You must have a public Twitter account with at least 200 followers.
  • You must have a score of at least 80%.
  • You need to be following the official TWIST twitter account: @twist_project

If you meet those requirements then you can use this form to sign up.
You can sign up at any time over the 3 week period!

To earn shares you need to complete the following tasks every week:

  • You need to make at least 3 tweets and 2 retweets about TWIST.
  • The tweets must raise awareness about TWIST (for example by providing persuasive reasons why you believe TWIST will be a successful project, or giving a short overview of our TWIST ID feature etc.)
  • The tweets must contain the hashtag #TWISTcrypto (other hashtags can also be included), and a link to the, and be 80 characters or more to be eligible.
  • Retweets must be from TWIST’s official Twitter account: @twist_project
  • The tweets must not be removed from your twitter until the end of the campaign and they must be public.
  • The 3 tweets must be posted at least 12 hours apart from one another.

The table below shows the amount of shares you earn a week if you complete the above tasks:

Optionally, you can also earn 1 extra share per week for setting a TWIST cover photo on your account (for the entire week). And 1 extra share per week for pinning a tweet about TWIST (for the entire week).
We will be frequently checking participant’s twitter pages to verify whether they have a TWIST cover photo or a pinned tweet. Pinned tweets are expected to follow the same rules as above (e.g. must raise awareness about TWIST, have the hashtag #TWISTcrypto, etc…)

We will list all approved applicants on a public spreadsheet along with the number of shares they have earned.
Bounties will be paid at the end of the campaign (we will PM you for your TWIST address for payment).
We will be manually checking tweets/retweets for everybody who signs up, however you are welcome to link them here to make our job easier  Wink

More bounties will be posted here in future!

If you have any questions related to the Twitter bounty campaign, please contact Sonia, Libby22 or Nemo via our Discord.