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2018-03-12 - 2018-03-31
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Welcome to WAWLLET Bounty Campaign!

Bounty Campaign will be running between 12th of March and 30th of March

Thanks to all Bounty participants!

Bounty hunters can apply after reading the rules here.

All bounty rewards specified directly in WIN tokens.
You can find information about WIN token price on the website.

WAWLLET will start distribution of reward tokens right after ICO ends.
Distribution may take up to few weeks, depending on Ethereum network load.

Join WAWLLET telegram group

Please note:

  ●  WAWLLET reserves the right to make amendments to the bounty program at any time.
  ●  Consideration for award distribution will be based on creativity, appropriateness, and general effectiveness in achieving bounty program goals.
  ●  Certain bounty offers are restricted to eligible parties.
  ●  WAWLLET reserves the right to remove stakes/participants from the bounty for any reason such as unethical behaviour and fraudulent submissions.

Bounty participants list:

Please check your status WAWLLET Bounty Campaign public spreadsheet.
If you need any further clarification, ask your questions in this thread.


Signature Bounty

Earn WIN tokens for adding a signature, personal text and avatar to your Bitcointalk profile.

How to join:
  ●  Sign up via this Google Form: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HLvTGTC84GHMeWrsllyPFDw-Jgobkx4_MgDHy2ecAeI
  ●  Add signature of level, avatar and personal text.

Junior Member  - 40 WIN/week
Member - 100 WIN/week
Full Member - 140 WIN/week
Senior Member - 180 WIN/week
Hero/Legendary - 250 WIN/week

1) Removing the Signature before the end of ICO will result in a disqualification.
2) During this period you must make a minimum of 20 Posts per week in order to be considered eligible.
3) Must wear the signature, personal text and avatar and at all time. Avatar is obligatory only for users eligible to wear an avatar according to forum rank.
4) Posts must be constructive, on topic and high quality. Off-topic & spam posts will not count, also we reserve the right to reject any post without giving a reason.
5) Posts with less than 70 characters will not count as eligible.
6) One Bitcointalk account per person that participates in campaign!
7) Users with negative trust are not allowed to join. Having tagged by them during the campaign period will result in no pay-out and removal from the campaign


Personal text: "WAWLLET - world’s first multi-asset wallet"

Signature codes

Junior Member:

● ⚫  WAWLLET - World’s first multi-asset wallet  ⚫ ●
● ⚫  ICO - https://www.wawllet.com  ⚫ ●
● Gold WCoin - https://www.wawllet.com/wcoin

[center]● ⚫  WAWLLET - World’s first multi-asset wallet  ⚫ ●
● ⚫  ICO - https://www.wawllet.com  ⚫ ●
● Gold WCoin - https://www.wawllet.com/wcoin ●

Member, Full Member, Senior Member, Hero/Legendary
* Full Member, Senior Member, Hero/Legendary code will be posted soon.

● ⚫  World’s first multi-asset wallet, financial passport  ●  WAWLLET connects people, banks and financial services.  ⚫ ●
   ● ⚫  JOIN WAWLLET ICO   ●   ICO will end March 30th, 2018  ⚫ ●
●  14k Gold WCoin   ●   FACEBOOK   ●   TWITTER   ●   YOUTUBE   ●   CRUNCHBASE   ●   TELEGRAM  ●

[center]● ⚫  [url=https://www.wawllet.com]World’s first multi-asset wallet, financial passport  ●  WAWLLET connects people, banks and financial services.[/url]  ⚫ ●
   ● ⚫  [url=https://www.wawllet.com]JOIN WAWLLET ICO   ●   ICO will end March 30th, 2018[/url]  ⚫ ●
●  [url=https://www.wawllet.com/wcoin]14k Gold WCoin[/url]   ●   [url=https://www.facebook.com/wawllet]FACEBOOK[/url]   ●   [url=https://twitter.com/wawllet]TWITTER[/url]   ●   [url=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEfesiwnhmvsL24gMl34JVg]YOUTUBE[/url]   ●   [url=https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wawllet-enterprises-limited]CRUNCHBASE[/url]   ●   [url=https://t.me/joinchat/BA0ARkOA92RV7dNxwfKmng]TELEGRAM[/url]  ●[/center]

Twitter Bounty

Earn stakes for retweeting WAWLLET’s tweets during ICO campaign.

How to join:
  ●  follow WAWLLET on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wawllet
  ●  register via this Google Form https://drive.google.com/open?id=164rm42FIWhRuyB37ArdhfVkHiDcpgaaTV7ckHgabaAI

Post your retweets in this topic.
Do not more post your retweet reports more often than once a week!


  ●  100 - 499 followers: 3 WIN per week
  ●  500 - 999 followers: 4.5 WIN per week
  ●  1000 - 2999 followers: 6 WIN per week
  ●  +3000 followers: 9 WIN per week

* Twitter bounty conditions changed from 13th of March

1) You should do a minimum of 3 retweets per week.
2) We will verify your following at the end of the campaign with Twitter Audit and use this number to allocate stakes fro your activity for the entire campaign.

Facebook Bounty

Earn stakes for engaging with WAWLLET’s posts on Facebook.

How to join:
  ●  Like WAWLLET page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wawllet
  ●  Register via this Google Form https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AF__xndQGQLbZLd1WVovoXKRhKog--vbmXc476EreMc

Rewards: 2 WIN per week.

1) You must have at least 100 friends/followers and profile set to public.
2) You are required to engage positively with at least 3 posts per week (comment / share / like / heart / ha ha / wow)

Please forward bounty support requests to our Bounty Campaign Manager.


To Full Member, Senior Member, Hero or Legendary who helps to design corresponding Signatures!